Involve Your Building and Planning Department Early

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HOA’s are planned developments and are subject to various building and planning department codes and regulations that independent properties may not be subject to. Yes, even paint colors or landscape, lighting and other items need a review by the city or county before implementation.

CIDology | Meet with the city or county building and planning department officials, do it early and review your concepts with them—including them will ultimately save you time and moneyExample: A well meaning HOA needed to replace exterior light fixtures, more than 2000 in total. They found a fixture they liked, and installed them at a cost of approximately $190,000.00.  A few weeks went by and the HOA was advised that the city had received a complaint that the new fixtures diffused light into a neighboring property causing discomfort to the adjacent property.  The city advised that the lights did not meet the requirements of the planned development and would have to be replaced with fixtures that meet all conditions of the code and planned development. This was a bitter pill for the HOA and ultimately the rejected fixtures made their way to eBay where they were offered at pennies on the dollar.  Meet with the city or county planning and building officials who are there to assist you and maintain the established conditions of your community, do it early and review your concepts with them, including them will ultimately save you time and money.

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