Built 1990, Wood Shingle Siding,  Balcony Decks

This property looked to be in good condition and was well kept on our initial visit. The Board of Directors had been in place for many years and was very aware of the condition of the property.  A philosophy of proactive maintenance and doing the job right to maintain property values were hallmarks of this Board. A recent repair project by another firm to landings, stairs and handrails concerned the BOD due to the amount of scope creep from the initial inception through completion. The work had been completed and the repairs were made in kind so similar maintenance was expected into the future as well.  The Board wanted better forecasting and control over the process for the next larger project which involved balconies, siding and overall exteriors. The scope creep from the previous project had eroded the reserve fund beyond expectation.

Solutions to better approach and fund the project affordably were needed. Our staff seized the challenge, suggesting methods to use longer lasting materials and construction techniques that would easily outperform original construction. By performing a Stage 1 Site Evaluation, the scope and challenges were clear to all parties. We developed an affordable funding strategy that provided ample funding for the project and a 100% funded future. Our studies of the effects of the more efficient techniques of construction generated lower bids from contractors, enabling the full scope of work with less stress on the reserves. All components of the project, from the top of the roof to the asphalt, received maintenance in approximately 7 months. A future maintenance plan with full warranties and closeout documents were presented to a pleased Board of Directors and satisfied membership.

Results: The proactive approach of the HOA generates optimum property value and condition.

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“Think Visually,” all information is presented in both simplified overview and fine detail which has been found to generate understanding and consensus within diverse levels of understanding or expertise. Decisions are easier, transparent throughout.

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Although designed with Common Interest Developments in mind, any large scale property can benefit from CIDology; including those who manage large numbers of properties. CIDology’s process allows for aggregation and bundling of resources, building unprecedented clarity, knowledge, collaboration, succession, and property value enhancement; all contributing to the value of your property.