Built 1990, Semi-Marine Environment, Composition Wood Siding, “Dishing” Floor Slabs up to 7″, Post Litigation


This site had experienced severe “dishing” of the concrete floor slabs at all buildings. Some rooms sloped 7″ from one side to the other due to differential settlement into bay mud fill. The HOA had litigated with the developer and had received an award which was a fraction of what was needed to make necessary repairs.

Our experience with this type of repair made the challenges obvious to our team. Working with the Board of Directors, we assessed the condition of the entire property, generated a plan and strategy to resolve all issues. First, we needed to acquire sufficient funding and explain a very carefully choreographed process to the entire membership as this project would affect the day to day living of all residents to complete. Ground floor units would experience a complete move out as all floors were subject to pressure grouting. Upper floors would remain inhabited but would experience cosmetic cracking and shifting of doors, windows and other features as the sagging buildings were lifted to a level position. Arrangements for 40 families on the ground floor to temporarily move out, along with all their belongings, pets, mail and other items, were made, communicated and scheduled to begin on predetermined dates. As we started to lift the building, crews worked to free and adjust doors so that those above would not become trapped due to building movement. Building by building the process continued until the entire project was completed – under budget – with the community 100% funded and a bright future ahead and property values returned.

Results: Complex, dynamic circumstances can be overcome with proper preparation and diligence.

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