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Roadmaps – Simple and Powerful

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In this case, a “roadmap” is a simple tool that illustrates the planned future of an HOA.

  • Budgets
  • Schedules
  • Special Projects
  • Agendas

They are designed to give the viewer a quick and accurate understanding of several possible complex operations at once – visually.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

CIDology | Roadmaps are designed to give a quick and accurate understanding of several possible complex operations at once.

Today’s on-the-go lifestyles demand the ability to receive notifications and access information 24/7/365 which is what the “roadmap” is designed to do.

CIDology ® systems combine roadmaps and tracking systems custom built for your HOA accessible via the web by any device without software or training, keeping you informed, educated on what to expect, when and how your HOA is tracking on the planned “roadmap” for the future.

If additional or more detailed information is needed, it’s there on the website fou you to access and drill down into any issue.

Updated regularly with actual vs. planned data, the operations of your community are transparent, keeping you and your neighbors informed for greater confidence and control of your property.

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Which States Require Reserve Studies?

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Do you know  which states require reserve studies?

CIDology | Do you know  which states require reserve studies?

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Property Condition Analysis + Financial + Repair Strategies


“Think Visually,” all information is presented in both simplified overview and fine detail which has been found to generate understanding and consensus within diverse levels of understanding or expertise. Decisions are easier, transparent throughout.

Property – Our Clients

Although designed with Common Interest Developments in mind, any large scale property can benefit from CIDology; including those who manage large numbers of properties. CIDology’s process allows for aggregation and bundling of resources, building unprecedented clarity, knowledge, collaboration, succession, and property value enhancement; all contributing to the value of your property.