Built 1979, Sprawling Grounds


When we were first introduced to this property the list of needed repairs was daunting. A roof project had been started and the contractor failed before work was complete on a third of the units. The Board of Directors had deteriorated to just 3 members and they were having trouble finding others to fill the seats. The Board’s experience with contractors was such that change orders tended to be out of control and there was a complete lack of confidence in any of the past vendors. Nevertheless, the Board was determined to finish the roofing project and continue to chip away at the long list of deferred maintenance items. The Board advised us of their previous experience and desire to get it right this time.

One of the unique challenges of this site was the 4 languages required to communicate with the residents. Another was the vast amount of cabling and electrical conduits that had been applied to the exteriors of the buildings by a cable company rewiring process and security lighting upgrades installed over the years. The site had flat roof carports that continued to be a problem due to debris, tires, bicycles and other items that were thrown up onto the roofs. These structures were built poorly and constant maintenance was required to keep lights on and roofs leak free. Ultimately, we developed an affordable plan and strategy to make the necessary differed maintenance repairs which included all the roofing, siding and termite repairs, complete painting, site lighting, re-cabling and landscaping to make the buildings and the ambiance of the site clean, modern and current. This process increased curb appeal remarkably. Due to massive rot and cost of replacement, alternatives were developed to change the flat BUR roof and wooden framing systems of the carports to an architecturally upgraded steep sloped metal corrugated roof system. This alternative solved the problem of debris on the roofs, added curb appeal due to the design, added tamperproof energy saving lighting for increased security and raised the clearance height so SUVs and trucks would not damage the structures  overhead clearance. The alternative repair was completed for less than the cost of repairing and reroofing the old structures. The added benefit of virtually zero future maintenance and NO future reroofing saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in future maintenance costs and lower current dues accordingly.

Results: Rethinking how the site is being used can help generate a positive outcome.

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