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Buy Like a Builder - CIDologyWhen your property was built, it was built by seasoned professionals whose business it is to know how to buy right. Due to their size and scale, HOA’s have the ability to buy goods and services in the same way as a builder if they understand how to harness the power of an HOA as a buying entity. This takes some expertise and there are several factors that can be useful tools.  First, make sure you have generated a plan and know what that plan requires so you are buying the appropriate goods and services to meet or exceed those needed to complete the plan.  Second, buy in the largest quantity possible, perhaps even a few extra as the prices you will pay in bulk will be considerably less than buying a few at a time.

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Although designed with Common Interest Developments in mind, any large scale property can benefit from CIDology; including those who manage large numbers of properties. CIDology’s process allows for aggregation and bundling of resources, building unprecedented clarity, knowledge, collaboration, succession, and property value enhancement; all contributing to the value of your property.